Economic plans to make the weekend

The tremendous global crisis caused at the time a brutal decline in the purchasing power of most families in Spain. The mentality also changed with the crisis. At present, a large part of families allocate less money to leisure. On average, almost 10% less of the budget of the families is allocated to this type of expenses.

We think more about saving, we control expenses and look for economic plans to make the weekend. On many occasions, the delicate economic situation suffered by many families, does not give much more and they look for cheap or free plans, since their budget is very fair and practically nothing can be allocated to fun, leisure. However, when it comes to relaxing and disconnecting from work, leisure is essential for any family.

Therefore, for those who can not or do not want to allocate a part of their monthly budget to this type of activity, there are alternatives in the form of economic or free plans with which to spend free time. In this article we want to present you some cheap plans to do the weekend.

Cheap or free plans for the weekend


Playing sports : The cheapest and healthiest way to spend a weekend. Go running to the park or play a game of football or basketball in any of the existing free municipal facilities for it, can be one of the options that have those who do not have much money for spending leisure and free time. There are also free gyms outdoors and for all ages. A growing trend in more Spanish municipalities and that is counting on a good reception of citizens.
See sport : In almost any town you can see a football game, basketball or a competition of other sports. The vast majority of them are free. Many parents choose to spend time watching their son’s team soccer game. Another way to enjoy the weekend without practically spending money.
Home cinema : Film fans can do marathons at home over the weekend with family or friends, choosing the theme and a list of related films. Each person who goes to do the marathon can provide their tastes and movies and can even organize fast dinners in which everyone cooks something.
Free exhibitions : There are many cultural exhibitions that do not require or invest a single euro. If you search a bit on the Internet, you will surely find one in your area or nearby. There are also many exhibitions whose cost is really cheap (less than 5 euros). In the vast majority, you can spend much of the afternoon having spent nothing or very little money. Why not look for one of these exhibitions for next weekend?
Visit a nearby town : traveling is not synonymous with spending money. You can get to know great places by spending only the fuel of the trip or the train or bus ticket that takes you to the place. It’s never too late to be a backpacker or to escape a weekend to a nearby town.
Going on a picnic : We all like to go out to eat with our families over the weekend. However, the delicate situation of many of them makes them prefer to eat at home. But, what if we take food to the mountain and have a great “picnic”? A healthy, fun and very cheap plan to spend a Saturday or a Sunday as a family.

I can not even organize economic plans

I can not even organize economic plans

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